My Grandmother and Sandwiches

Laura Hattaway | Fort Wayne, Ind.


My grandmother played a huge role in my childhood. Every day she would watch me after school, braid my hair, tell me interesting stories, and make me the most delicious snacks. I always wanted her opinion regarding EVERYTHING! After school, she would fix me a crunchy peanut butter and strawberry jam sandwich on wheat bread, our absolute favorite. We would sit together and discuss the day’s most interesting topics, like what did I dream up in art class and who did I swing with on the playground. She was the best listener and the kindest person I had ever met.

Sandwiches were an everyday occurrence at my grandmother’s house. She told me that eating sandwiches on wheat bread made my muscles big and strong. She also said that eating the crust of the sandwich was nutritious and would make my hair curly. And, boy oh boy, did I want to have curly hair and strong muscles! Over the years, I would eat the crust FIRST, just to make sure I was getting the best part of the sandwich. Turns out as I got older, my hair started to get curlier and curlier. I just knew it was from all the crusts I had eaten!

My grandmother seemed to make everything magical, even sandwiches.